Dj Zezinho (Renato da Silva)


DJ Zezinho has been a DJ and community figurehead in Rocinha for many years. It had long been his dream to establish a full-time media school that is a safe and creative venue for at-risk youth, and that serves a broad ethnic constituency of underserved social and economic status, age, and gender.


Music is the soul of Brazil, especially in the favelas. After talking extensively with the Rocinha community to access their needs, desires, and support for his concept, DJ Zezinho set about gathering collaborative participation from DJs within the favela community. Zezinho has also been able to garner external support from an international collective of DJs, who donate used equipment, and who have committed to participate in regular workshops at his school.




DJ Zezinho’s goal is to give back to the favela he cares so much about. His goal is to combine mentorship with his experience as a working DJ, and his unique understanding of Rocinha’s struggles, to promote media that builds self-esteem, leadership skills, and community advocacy. DJ Zezinho is a permanent resident of Rocinha, with long-standing commitment to the community. Zezinho is proficient and experienced in DJing, music production, audio recording, performance, sound editing, and mastering. Zezinho is bilingual (English and Portuguese), with strong ties to the international DJ community. As well, he is an expert on the history and infrastructure of the Rocinha community and leads in-depth excursions, which he considers positive social experiences, into the favela.



DJ Dembore 


Dj Dembore was born in a favela community in the state of Minas Gerais. In 2005 he moved to the Newark, New Jersey, in the United States to be closer to his father who was working there. His music career started as a drummer in a Rock n' Roll band called "Stone Angels".  His interests evolved when visiting a friend he saw turntables and asked about Dj'ing.  He soon started practicing after receiving some tips of the craft and he was off and running. He fell in love with mixing and his interests changed to Dance Music. He started off mixing techno music but soon moved on to Tribal and Dirty House music as his style. In 2010 he returned to Brasil and moved to Rio de Janeiro to expand his dj'ing opportunities. He moved to Rocinha in 2012 because a friend offered him a place to stay. Soon he rented a house in Rocinha and now has fallen in love with the community. In 2012 he also found Spin Rocinha after seeing an advertisement about the dj project. He now Dj's actively in the city and volunteers his teaching producing the next generation of Dj's coming out of the favela. Dj Dembore has been playing in Rio and some popular events like, "Unica Day Party", "Lost" and Teknie". He has started to produce his own music and would love someday to travel the world showcasing his skills and giving the favela more visibility. His goal is to someday play in Ibiza.