Spin Rocinha (SR) was established as a venue for the pursuit of cultural practices that foster ideas and collaborations in electronic media, with a focus on the intersection between music, performance, technology, and culture. SR supports the creation and presentation of digital media projects achieved through the use of affordable new, evolving, and industry standard technologies.


Spin Rocinha’s arts education mission responds to an academic, and economic, shortfall and a community request to:
• Honor and build on the community’s cultural diversity
• Teach methods of artistic expression, from established to new technologies
• Create and reinforce opportunities to facilitate arts and media development
• Develop creative skills of emerging and established media artists and their practices
• Provide a forum for discussion of relevant issues among youth and the community
• Integrate media programming with relevant issues that engage youth
• Develop partnerships with other cultural institutions


Spin Rocinha presents, preserves, interprets, and advocates on behalf of music and art in Rocinha, especially the forms that may be vulnerable due to institutional or political repression, or their ephemeral nature.  Spin Rocinha’s ongoing purpose is to provide opportunities for artists and interdisciplinary collaborators to present their work in accessible, safe venues, and to support the development of work by young artists, under mentorship from established innovators.  Spin Rocinha facilitates for a generation of artists that create new cultural works engaging in, or critiquing, the creation and presentation of contemporary art works that are achieved through the use of new and evolving, low-cost, and industry-standard, media technologies.


Spin Rocinha programs and services reflect the needs and interests of the Rocinha favela community. Our organization is committed to presenting innovative media work in all styles and genres, a policy that leads to a wide range of arts practice, imaginative programming, and a diverse, imaginative audience. One of Spin Rocinha’s primary goals is to encourage creative, innovative activity as it emerges. Our organizational ethic encourages creativity, shared ownership, and a sense of play. Our programs create collaborations between Rocinha youth, local and international media artists, and professional individuals that encourage community input and expanded educational programming throughout the entire lifecycle of an artistic project, from program design through post-project evaluation.



We are committed to serving emerging youth artists and their ideas, and take a compelling stance with regard to promoting the value of avant-garde art and cultural life in the community. We seek to encourage critical thinking in our programming and audiences, and to introduce young artists to the possibilities of extending their use of media, both within, and beyond, their community. Our programming is committed to a cross-disciplinary practice and the support of artists working in these areas, to cultivate conversations from multiple perspectives that produce rich insights and raise critical awareness.


There continues to be an overwhelming community-wide demand for digital media programs for youth of all ages in Rocinha. The need and call for media instruction, programs, and integrated arts facilities far exceeds what is available in the few arts education programs available in the community. International studies have indicated for many years that students who participate in the arts—regardless of the discipline—behave better in the classroom, have higher scores on state and national tests, and demonstrate stronger overall academic achievement than those who do not. Though there are some grassroots arts organizations that act as safe-centers for at-risk youth in Rocinha, there is only one small, part-time DJ program operating under severe constraints within the favela, even though electronic music and DJing remains the most popular form of youth expression in Rocinha.


Among Rocinha’s cultural arts organizations, this programming is unique. Due to the demographic Spin Rocinha serves, this program takes place in one of the poorest areas of Rio, servicing those who otherwise could not participate in any media enrichment programming